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  • How to select a Building Style
  • What are my color choices?
  • How do I place an Order?
    There are two options on placing your order: 1. Use our online estimator to create your custom building, then select "Purchase" and this will take you to another screen to complete your order and enter payment information for your down payment. 2. Call our office and we can place your order. We can take a credit card over the phone for the down payment, or you may choose to mail in a check. Please keep in mind that your order will be processed once the payment is received.
  • What requirements do I need to meet for installation?
    We offer Free Delivery and Installation on almost all our carports and garages. Please make sure your site is in accordance with the following requirements: LEVEL - Your site must be level. Anything over a 3" slope in one direction could hinder the installation and your carport or garage may not be completed. Please send pictures if you think your site might not be level enough. We may be able to offer other options, but these options are only available during your ordering process and not an adjustment we can make on-site when the building has already been manufactured. Please view our installation video to determine if your site is level. SPACE - The installation crew will need 2' of free space on all 4 sides of the building to allow enough space for the crew and their tools and ladders. If you do not have the additional 2' outside your carport or garage, give us a call and we may be able to offer other solutions. We will ask that you send pictures so we can see the site prior to installation. These options are only available during the ordering process and not an adjustment we can make on-site when the building has already been manufactured. DISTANCE - The installation crew will need to be able to park their trailer no more than 40' away from the installation site. If this isn't possible, please let us know when ordering and we can determine what options are available to you. CLEAR - Your site will need to be clear. If you would rather, we build over an RV or other obstacle please let us know what we will be building over and the dimensions and we will be able to give you the cost for the additional labor for building over. POWER LINES - In order to keep the installation crew safe, we cannot install within 10' of any power lines, even if you have turned them off. We can deliver the carport kit for self-installation if you prefer. BE ON-SITE - We prefer you to be on-site at the time of installation in case there are any questions about the structure or where it will be installed.
  • What happens after my order is placed?
    Your order will be submitted to the manufacturing plant for final review and confirmation. The manufacturing plant will call you when they are approximately 1 week away from installation. They will set up a day and time for installation at that time. If your approximate delivery time is 4-6 weeks from when you ordered, expect to hear from the plant 3-5 weeks from when you placed your order to set up your installation appointment. *Please Note that in order to offer Free Delivery and Installation, we string multiple deliveries/ installations together in what we call a “run”. Problems such as un-level lots or bad traffic conditions can affect the installation crews time of arrival. This is the reason the plant does not give out specific arrival times, they can only give a window of time in which they believe the installation crew will arrive.
  • What can I expect for an arrival date?
    Please feel free to call the plant directly (their number will be at the top of your contract), or call our office at 888-536-1585 and we can contact the plant for you. We can only offer estimated times for when you will be scheduled. The scheduled "runs" are constantly changing based on crews, loads and weather.
  • What if I want to make changes to my order?
    Please feel free to call or email us with the changes you would like. Depending on how close you are to installation we may or may not be able to make changes. If not, we can always add to your existing structure for a small delivery/installation fee.
  • Do I need a permit?
    Every city and county is different on when they require a permit. The customer is responsible for contacting their planning department to determine if one will be necessary for the building they are purchasing and where they are wanting it installed. We can supply the Engineered Drawings and Calculation Drawings for an additional cost. Please open the form below, then print it out, fill in the information and sign it. Please email to and we will be able to get you a price on the drawings and any costs for any additional materials for your required wind and/or snow loads. Please keep in mind the engineer may add additional materials after completing the drawings. If this is the case, the customer will be responsible for the additional material costs.
  • On the buildings, what is the gauge?
    We offer 12 Gauge (2.25") and 14 Gauge (2.5") steel for the frame. Both are galvanized. The 12 Gauge comes with a 20-year limited rust warranty.
  • Can I Upgrade the Gauge of the Panels/Sheet Metal?
    Our buildings come with a standard 29 Gauge Steel panel for the roof, sides and ends. We do have the option of upgrading to a 26 Gauge panel in some States, please give us a call to see if we offer it in your area and the cost.
  • How tall is the actual peak off the roof?
    Our buildings are manufactured at a standard 3/12 roof pitch with one exception of the Classical/Regular style which will have a 3/12 pitch plus 1 additional foot. This is based on the style of truss and the rounded corner gives it an additional foot. If you would like your carport or garage built with a different pitch, give us a call and we can get that cost for you.
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