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We can customize your metal building or carport to fit within the means of your space.  Whether you need a 10'5" wide carport or 80' wide carport, our buildings have been designed to meet either of those requirements.

In our custom gallery you will see what customer's have done to utilize our buildings in unique ways.  Whether you need to set the carport on top of connex, make headers by removing some of the uprights to avoid things in the way of the base rail, installing on a boat dock or even an elevated platform, we can do most installations.  We have added this gallery to show some of the amazing ways in which our building can be used to protect your assets or to offer you a dry place to work on your cars, trucks or other items.  Click here to go to our free 3D design tool and start building your custom design.  Once you are finished, hit "save" and you will save your design to your email and we will also get a copy.  Should you want us to contact you, it will offer that option.  Want to continue to work on your design, let us know that you are still working out the details and we will contact you when you have questions on your completed design.

We thank you for visiting our website and allowing us the opportunity to serve your Carport and Metal Building needs.

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