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Learn a little more about our metal buildings to determine what building might suit your needs! 

Regular Style Metel Building Descriptions


This is our most affordable building. The sheet metal runs horizontally on both the roof and body of the building. If you are in a high snow area, this would not be the best option for you. This building does not have an overhang like an eave, however, it does round over the corners about 10". This Standard building also has a 6" overhang on the front and back. The trusses on this building are rounded on the corners.

Vertical Roof Metal Building, Carport Description


This building has a Vertical A Frame Roof. It would mean that the sheet metal ribs or grooves are running from the peak down. This building has a 6" overhang on the eaves only and the front and back are flush. This is a great building for high snow area's and to direct the water or snow off the eaves. These are great buildings for gutters on the eaves. This building is stronger as well since we will be installing more frame work on the roof (purlins) in order to turn the sheet metal vertically and have enough support in which to do that.  The sheet metal on the body of this building are still running horizontally.

Clearspan, Warehouse Metal Building Description


A vertical metal building with reinforced double legs. It must be installed on concrete. The customer is responsible for having a forklift available that is at least 5' taller than the leg height. Extra delivery charges may apply.

Boxed Eave, Horizontal Roof Build Description, Carport, Metal Building


This is secondary to most affordable. This building also has sheet metal that runs horizontally on both the roof and body  but the trusses are formed as an A Frame. The overhang on the Boxed Eave/A Frame is 6" on all 4 sides which make it easy to put on gutters. With the sheet metal running horizontally, it would mean water run off most likely to run in the same pattern as the sheet metal ribs or grooves so it would run off front to back, not side to side.

All Vertical Metal Building Carport Description


This building has a vertical roof and also vertical siding. This would be the most expensive building. We add purlins to both the roof and the sides in order to turn the sheet metal to run vertically. This is a very strong building in which you would want for feet of snow on the roof and also up against your building.

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