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Thank you for visiting our Lean to and loafing shed gallery.  This gallery is to show how our carports and metal buildings can be applied to your application.

Our free 3D online design tool can assist you in design the correct loafing shed or lean to for your space.  We can custom design your lean to with headers to remove the legs on one side of the lean to in order to come in on the long eave side wall instead of the gabled end wall.  This is the primary difference in a lean to versus the loafing shed. 

The loafing shed is the same as the lean to but we have removed all legs on one long side in order to allow access into the building from that side instead of the end.  We also can apply an overhang on the long eave side to allow for more coverage for weather.  These buildings are designed for storage for implements, hay and animals as a general rule.

The lean to has been very popular with folks who want to slide this building under an eave and maximize your space next to your home or another building.

We have several pictures to show how our lean to's and loafing sheds work. Call us or email us with what you would like to do with your space, or click our free 3D design tool to begin your custom lean to or loafing shed. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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