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Everything You Need To Know About Metal RV Covers RV Cover, RV Carports, RV Storage

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

If you invest in an RV, you should also invest in quality storage to protect it during the off-season. Here’s why you should choose a metal cover.

RV Cover, RV Carport, RV Storage
RV Cover, RV Carport, RV Storage

If you’ve invested in an RV, you should also consider investing in quality RV storage for the off-season. Too many RV owners take the cheap route only to find out that fabric covers and tarps can leak, and that they don’t provide any resistance to extreme weather. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about metal RV covers so that you can make the best decision for your rig.

Why Do You Need a Cover?

Most people who own RVs don’t travel year-round because of cold weather in the latter half of the year. If this is your situation, your RV is going to sit somewhere unused for several months while you wait for better travel conditions. While your RV sits outside, it’s vulnerable to many kinds of damage.

The Dangers of Leaving Your RV Exposed

Depending on the climate where you live, your RV could become damaged through exposure to outdoor elements like temperature, humidity, sunlight, precipitation, and pests. You don’t want to get excited about your first trip of the spring only to find out that your RV needs cleaning or other maintenance before you can head out. Here’s a list of what to look out for.


Water is a particularly nasty problem with RVs. Once your rig has a leak, water can get inside and start producing mold. If your RV is left exposed to rain and snow, the chances of a mold problem increase exponentially.


While function is usually more important than form, nobody wants to spend money on an expensive RV only to see that the paint and decals are faded come spring. This can happen if your RV is left exposed to the sun during the storage season. If sunlight can get into your RV through the windows, it can also fade the furniture and upholstery.


If you live in a place where the soil is loose, sandy, or contains a high amount of gravel, be careful about leaving your RV uncovered. Wind can pick up that debris and blow it into the cracks and crevices of your rig, causing dirt buildup and potentially ruining the interior systems.


If you don’t thoroughly clean out your RV before putting it in storage, it can become a smorgasbord of crumbs and waste that insects and rodents will love. These critters might initially seek out your RV as a source of shelter during cold weather, but they’ll definitely stick around once they find a food source. A cover keeps mice and insects far away from your RV, as well as birds, wasps, and sap-laden trees.

Metal vs. Other Types of Covers

Some RV owners only consider cost when they choose a cover for their rig, but you should know the other factors that can inform a decision. While cheaper cover options certainly exist, cost alone is not going to protect your investment. Here’s how metal covers stack up against the alternatives.

Fabric Covers

By far the most popular alternative to metal covers, fabric covers can be purchased in standard or custom sizes. Since they fit close to the sides of your rig, most people think that they offer the best protection for RVs. Unfortunately, a piece of fabric can’t do anything against hail, debris, or snow sitting on top of your RV.

Basic Tarps

Easily the cheapest option, some people just throw a tarp over their RV and call it good, but this kind of cover doesn’t offer much protection at all. Like the more expensive fabric covers, a tarp is just a piece of cloth that doesn’t offer any protection against wind blowing your neighbor’s grill into your RV or snow piling up on top. And unlike the form-fitting covers, a tarp isn’t going to last you more than a single season of storage, if that.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping has come into vogue as a cheap hack for more expensive kinds of RV covers. Unfortunately, shrink wrapping an RV is incredibly wasteful and has the same drawbacks as other fabric covers. On top of that, shrink wrap doesn’t breathe, meaning any moisture already inside your RV is trapped there until you unwrap everything next season.

The Benefits of Metal RV Covers (RV Cover, RV Carports, RV Storage)

RV Cover, RV Carport, RV Storage

There are many reasons to choose metal RV covers over the options listed above. Here are a couple of the most important ones.

More Customization

You can customize metal covers (usually galvanized steel) to take any shape you want. Need a large carport that can cover your RV, boat, grill, and tractor? Pro Metal Buildings can help you design the perfect outdoor storage configuration for your needs.

Better Versatility

A metal cover is useful for more than just storing your RV. When the weather is nice, you can use the space to work on outdoor projects, host a barbeque, or hang up a hammock. Then in the winter, you know your RV is protected from the elements.

Tougher Durability

A steel cover is much more durable than any of the fabric and plastic options listed above. While a custom fabric cover will last maybe a couple of years before needing replacement, a steel structure could go 10-20 years without needing so much as a coat of paint. If you’re going to invest in an RV, why not also invest in the right kind of protection?

Choosing a Metal RV Cover

After deciding on a metal RV cover, you may be wondering how to start choosing your structure. First, it’s important to have a budget and know home much you are willing to spend. That will help you decide what builder to go with, as well as the size of your shelter.

Configuration Options

One of the great benefits of a steel cover is that you can choose any number of designs. Some steel covers look like carports, while others are partially or entirely enclosed. Precipitation, wind, and sunlight direction are the most important aspects to consider.

Let Pro Metal Buildings Do the Hard Work

Out of everything you need to know about metal RV covers, the most important thing is to avoid settling for a structure that doesn’t meet your needs. At Pro Metal Buildings, you can design the perfect structure with our easy-to-use 3D builder. We’ll even throw in free delivery and installation with your new RV cover; it’s that easy!

Call us at 888-536-1585

RV Cover, RV Carports, RV Storage



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