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"Protect your investments with Metal Carports: The ultimate buyer's guide"

Are you looking for a durable and cost-effective solution to protect your vehicles and other valuable assets? Metal Carports offer a perfect blend of affordability, strength and versatility. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the benefits of metal carports and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Metal Carport with Storage for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
Metal Carport with storage

The Advantages of Metal Carports

a. Durability: Metal Carports are built to last, with excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, rust and corrosion.

b. Affordability: Compared to traditional garage construction, metal carports are a cost-effective solution.

c. Versatility: They can be customized to suit your specific needs, from single-car designs to large RV Shelters.

d. Low Maintenance: Minimal upkeep is required to keep your metal carport in excellent condition.

Metal Carport for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
Regular style metal carport

2. Choosing the right size and style

a. Determine your needs: Consider the number and size of vehicles or equipment you need to shelter.

b. Roof Styles: Gable, A-frame or regular or standard styles are popular choices with different aesthetic and functional benefits.

c. Customization: Select the dimensions, color and additional features to match your property's aesthetics.

Metal Carport with Three Sides,  for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
Metal Carport with 3 sides closed

3. Quality Materials

a. Gauge and thickness: The thickness of the steel used affects the carport's strength, so choose a suitable gauge for your needs, we offer 12 gauge and 14 gauge frames and 29 gauge and 26 gauge sheet metal.

b. Roofing Options: Opt for Vertical or Horizontal roof panels based on weather conditions in your area. The vertical style is stronger and will carry more snow than the horizontal style.

Metal Lean To Carport for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
Vertical Lean-to or shed-style roof

4. Anchoring and Installation:

a. Proper anchoring is essential for stability and safety for your metal carport. Options include ground or asphalt anchors, concrete anchors or mobile home anchors.

b. Professional installation: Pro Metal Buildings offer's free delivery and installation ensuring your metal carport is assembled correctly. In most cases, your building will be constructed in 1 day.

Metal Loafing shed or Carport for animals or hay storage
Loafing shed, vertical roof

5. Regulations and Permits

a. Check your local building codes and permit requirements before installation to avoid legal issues and setback and easement questions. Here is a link to get you started.

b. Pro Metal Buildings would need your wind and snow requirements to properly quote you on a metal carport.

Metal Carport for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
Metal Boat Cover

6. Maintenance Tips

a. Regular cleaning to prevent dirt and debris buildup.

b. Inspect for rust or damage and apply protective coatings as needed.

c. The self-tapping screws can sometimes wear out over time, so be sure to caulk around the screws.

d. The 12 gauge frame will come with a 20 year limited rust warranty on your metal carport.

Metal Carport for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
All Vertical Roof and side Metal Carport

7. Cost Considerations

a. Budget wisely, considering up front costs, installation and long-term savings on vehicle maintenance.

b. Be sure to research customer service reviews and seek recommendations from friends and family to find reputable Metal Building Companies like Pro Metal Buildings. We have excellent reviews and much of our business is by referral.

Metal Carport with Three sides closed,  for Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs
Metal Carport to protect your investments

Metal carports and Metal buildings provide an excellent solution for safeguarding your vehicles, RV's, Boats and other assets. by following the guidelines in this buyer's guide, you'll be well equipped to make an informed decision when purchasing your metal carport. Don't compromise on the safety and protection of your investments, invest in a quality metal carport today by contacting Pro Metal Buildings at 888-536-1585 or go directly to our website at



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