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Metal Prices due to increase 2024

Keeping your boat protected
Boat Cover

There has been talk about Metal prices increasing in April 2024 in some States. You would want to get your #carport or #metalbuilding order placed sooner than later.

Protecting your RV
Metal RV Carport

With a small down payment, you can lock your price in today and take delivery 6 months down the road. This will avoid you paying the higher premiums on #metal. Metal Prices due to increase 2024

Protect your assets
Metal Shop

As you may know, #metal went up 100% during Covid-19. Our prices have not decreased but we have offered a few sales here and there. If you missed the sale, you might still want to get your Carport or #metalshop ordered today to avoid any increase.

Protect your valuables
Metal Buildings

So contact #prometalbuildings today at 888-536-1585 to talk to one of our design team specialists. They will design and price a building and email it over to you for easy reference. No obligations and no pushy sales people, just getting you the information so you can make an informed decision.


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