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How long will it take to get my building or carport? Installation and Delivery Time

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

This will depend on the area of the Country you happen to be in. These times change during the different time of the year. Right at this moment which is January 2023 we are 2 weeks in States like Alabama, North Carolina, Texas and many States that surround these area's. On the West Coast, we are closer to 4-5 weeks from time of order. A few other variables apply, for instance, if you are permitting, it will take a few weeks to get your plans and then another few weeks to get your permit approved by your City or County. Once that has been done, we will ask you for a picture of your site area along with a copy of your permit. Once that has been done, then you go onto the list for delivery and installation.

Pro Metal Buildings Garage
Pro Metal Buildings Garage

Installation and Delivery Time



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