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BArns baRns BARNS

protect your livestock and hay

Need multiple storage area's for your cars, trucks, boats and RV's? This barn style metal building will optimize in protecting your assets. #barns #metalbuildings #carports #metalshop #steelbuilding

Protect your Hay

Another barn style metal building to provide for many different uses. Need a tack shop for your horses? how about a place for your sheep to get out of the elements? We can create just the look in which you need and want for your animals. #barns

Protect your implements

How about an open barn to shelter your larger livestock? Horses, Cattle and sheep. You can even park your implements in the building on one side and offer shelter on the other area's of the barn to protect everything. #barns #haystorage #hay #farms

metal building storage

This is a continuous roofline barn style metal building. This just shows that we can take our barn style buildings and customize them to work perfectly based on your needs. Protect your implements, animals, vehicles, hay and other farm equipment. #barns #haystorage

metal shop for all your assets

Multiple storage to allow for larger vehicles like Class A Motorhomes and 5th wheels and still have other storage for the smaller vehicles like your car and truck. You can use our 3D design tool and design this exact building. Our metal building prices come with delivery and installation. #barns #haystorage

for your cars, trucks, vans and RV's

Less roll up doors and more storage, here is another example of how we build our Barns. This one shows the fun wainscot to give the barn a more dimensional look. #barns #haystorage

inside view of a clear span metal building

free delivery and installation

Pro Metal Buildings would love to work with you on that perfect barn design. Please contact our office at 888-536-1585 so one of our design team professionals can take your vision and put it into a customized 3D look like you see the different photo's above. #barns #hay #animals #implements



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