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RV Cover, Trailer Carport, Boat Cover
RV Cover, Trailer Carport, Boat Cover
RV Cover, Trailer Carport, Boat Cover

Protect Your RV and Vehicles

The Best RV Carports, Covers, and More

At Pro Metal Buildings, we've got you covered - literally! Whether you have an RV, trailer, camper, or any other vehicle, we provide top-quality covers and carports to safeguard your investments.

Why Choose Us?

  • Nationwide Service: We proudly serve over 40 states, ensuring that you can access our products and services no matter where you are.

  • Quality Materials: Our covers and carports are crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials, designed to withstand the elements and protect your vehicles.

  • Custom Solutions: We offer a variety of options, from standard covers to custom-designed carports to fit your unique needs and preferences.

  • Expert Team: Our experienced team is here to assist you in choosing the right solutions and ensuring a seamless installation process.

Products and Services

  • RV Carports: Protect your RV from harsh weather conditions, sun exposure, and more with our sturdy and durable carports.

  • RV Covers: Keep your RV in pristine condition with our top-notch RV covers that shield against rain, snow, and UV rays.

  • Trailer Covers: Ensure your trailer stays in top shape by covering it with our high-quality, durable trailer covers.

  • Camper Covers: Our camper covers are designed to protect your camper from the elements, extending its lifespan.

Get Started Today

Don't wait any longer to protect your valuable vehicles. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.



"I couldn't be happier with the carport I got from Pro Metal Buildings. It's sturdy, well-built, and looks great in my yard." - John D.

"Their customer service is fantastic. They guided me through the entire process and made sure I got the right cover for my RV." - Sarah M.

Contact Us

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to our friendly team.


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