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Vertical Roof vs. Horizontal Roof

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

#ProMetalBuildings provides #Carports and #Metal #Buildings of all shapes and sizes. We have some Standard styles we wanted to share. Our customer's are always asking what the difference is in the Vertical Roof vs. Horizontal Roof. We hope to help by showing you the different styles below.

First photo is to show what we call the Standard, Regular or Classical Style #Carport or Metal Building. This style of metal building has a Horizontal Roof

Horizontal Metal Building & Carport
Standard Style - Horizontal Metal Carport

Second Photo Shows the A Frame or also what we might call the Boxed Eave Style #building where it is the A Frame Carport but the sheet metal still runs horizontally.

A Frame or Boxed Eve - Horizontal Metal Carport
A Frame Horizontal

Third photo shows the Vertical A Frame style #metalbuilding or #carport that shows how we turn the sheet metal vertically for a natural slide of rain and or snow. This is our stronger #building with additional frame work on the roof in order for us to change direction of the sheet metal. This is a popular option if you are in a higher snow area.

Vertical A Frame - Vertical Sheet Metal
A Frame Vertical

Options and examples of Vertical Roof vs. Horizontal Roof - Direction of the sheet metal panels on the roofline.

Please see our other blog entries on more details on our metal buildings, besides vertical roof and horizontal roof.



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