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Two Car Garage

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

At Pro Metal Buildings, we like to start with a 24' wide x 25' long footprint for your two car garage. Based on the size of your vehicles, this is a typical and standard style garage. Our Metal Garages are very affordable and we will deliver and install. This 24' wide metal building will allow for (2) 10x10 roll up doors. We can install a small 10x20 metal garage up to a 80x150 Steel building. Get your special items covered today by calling our office and getting a quote for your Metal Garage. 888-536-1585.

We serve the United States.

Enclosed Garage for two vehicles
24x25x12 Garage

Steel Garages, Metal Garages, Insulation for your Metal Garage, Garage doors, two car metal building to protect your special cars and trucks.

Free delivery and installation
Two Car Garage

Our prices are anywhere from $14,000 & up + tax, delivered and installed for your 2 car garage. Prices vary across the nation. 888-536-1585 or

Two Car Garage footprint can vary based on the size of doors you would want for your metal garage. We like the 24' wide metal building so that when you get in and out of your car, you aren't hitting your doors or other vehicles that are being stored in your garage. We offer 20' wide buildings and even 18' wide metal buildings where you could put two smaller garage doors on your building.

Our design team is here to assist you with designing the perfect garage to store your valuables. Call us to get things started, we can send you a design like you see above for your specific State 888-536-1585

For your two car metal garage
two roll up doors

Pro Metal Buildings



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