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Permitting my Metal Building or Carport

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Not sure whether you need to permit your Metal Building, Barn, Shop or Carport? Most likely the answer is "yes" you would need to permit your garage, shop or carport. There are a few exceptions. Agriculture exemption is the most common.

You can contact your City or County Planning department to find out about permits. We have this checklist that we like our customer's to fill out and get back to us so that we can properly quote your #Carport or #MetalBuilding.

  1. Ground snow load psf?

  2. Roof or live load psf?

  3. Wind rating?

  4. Whats your ground surface?

  5. Does your City or County require Calculations along with Engineered Drawings?

Right now in 2023, plans and calculations are taking around 4-6 weeks to obtain. Our delivery and installation across the country is anywhere from 10 days to 12 weeks depending on location and based on weather.

wind and snow ratings
Permitting my Metal Building or Carport

Wind and snow ratings
Permitting my Metal Building or Carport

Wind and Now ratings
Permitting my Metal Building or Carport

Below is a link to get started on obtaining your wind and snow ratings for your area. Click the link and put in your address. Click on the Snow and wind ratings for your area and then let us know what they are. You would want to check on setbacks and easements for your property. You will want to make sure that your #prometalbuildings building, can go where you want it to, on your property. Click here to get started. Then click below once you have built your #shop or #garage or #carport, or #steelbuilding and see what they might say about wind and snow.

Call #prometalbuildings at 888-536-1585 with any questions or email us at with any questions.


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