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Maximizing Space and Savings: Why Choosing a 30' Wide Building Can Benefit You

Storing your equipment under a carport
30' wide Metal Carport

10' wide up to 30' wide in our Carports and Metal Buildings will keep you in a price point that you can't compare! The attached picture is a 30'wide x 65' long x 11' on the eaves. Typically the 3/12 pitch would allow you almost 4 additional feet to the peak but anything after the 24' wide building will have the additional center braces that come down 2' from the peak only allowing for a 2' rise in useable height.

Keep your items safe and out of the rain, snow or sun
Triple Wide Metal Carport

30' wide buildings can be placed on gravel, dirt, asphalt, concrete or really most surfaces. Once you go over the 30' wide building, the truss style changes and you would need to go on concrete only. The next picture will show the "warehouse" style building and how the trusses are different. These trusses and/or uprights are either 4' or 5' on center.

Warehouses to protect your valuables
Warehouse Style Steel Building

Here is a Steel Building warehouse. As you can see, the spacing between the legs is closer to 10' on center and the trusses are a webbed truss system that can be anywhere from 12" wide up to 36" wide depending on the width of your building and how we would need to have it manufactured for wind and snow. Our Steel Buildings like the one pictured above have this style truss after 30' wide, so from 32' wide up to 100' wide, this is an example of what it might look like. It would need to go on a concrete runner or foundation. There are some additional costs on these larger warehouse steel buildings but you can get started designing this building on our 3D design tool that we offer online for free. No obligation and you get a price as your are building.

Triple wide installed on concrete
30' wide Vertical A Frame Metal Carport

So maximize your space, maximize how far your money will go with one of our fabulous metal carports or metal buildings. You can have it all open like the one displayed above or close parts of the carport or even make openings a little wider on the sides should you need to avoid a door and create a walk space without a leg in front of you.

Our design team is experienced and happy to assist you with your project. Call us today and let us know what you need. Send us pictures of your site area so we can walk through the process and assist you. Need specific colors to match your home or business, we can send you all of that information. Thank you for the opportunity to help with your Metal Carport, Steel Buildings and Metal Garage needs. Pro Metal Buildings 888-536-1585. Email us at



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