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Is there a metal building discount?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We are offering different discounts in different States. Please call us to see if your carport or metal building is in one of those States. 888-536-1585

Pro Metal Buildings throughout the year will offer discounts from 5%-15%. Our customer's ask us about the price of metal going down and when they should expect to see decreasing prices for metal buildings. The truth of the matter is that prices most likely will never decrease, the only special that would be offered would be a discount off current pricing.

If you use our 3D design tool to build your carport or metal building, you will see that some States will automatically have the discount included in the estimate. For instance, with NorthCarolina, SouthCarolina, Georgia and many other States, this is the current discount being offered.

  • 5% off all units $0 - $7,500

  • 10% off all units from $7,501 - $14,999

  • 15% off all units from $15,000 and up

  • 20% off all Commercial-sized units (32' and wider)

This discount could expire in only a few weeks from the date of this post.

Carports delivered & installed
Carport with a Lean-to and Storage

So call Pro Metal Buildings at 888-536-1585 and we will offer you the best price we can!

40' wide Metal building shown
Carports & Metal Building Discounts

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