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Is a 2 Car Garage the Best Choice for Your Home or Business?

Cars, Motorcycles, RVs and Boats
2- Gar Metal Garage

Visit our website at to get started on designing your 2-Car Metal Building to house your specialty cars, motorcycles and other valuables. We offer free pricing online by using our Nationwide 3D design tool. You will get a price while you are designing so you can stay within your budget.

Protect your valuables from the elements
2 - Car Garage

We will deliver and install for Free! (some exceptions apply). The only thing you need to do is make sure that your gravel, dirt or grassy area is level and we will do the rest. We have great installers who will show up with truck and trailer and your building and install right then and there! Our time frames for delivery & installation will vary based on the size your building, location and a few other variables.

Using our 3D design tool to building your garage
2 - Car Garage

Discover the versatility of a 2-Car Metal Garage with a look of detailed customization by the different color options we provide along with the location of window and door placements. Learn how our Pro Metal Buildings Garages can be tailored to match your aesthetic preferences and then integrate into your property.

Cover all your assets from the elements
2- Car Garage and RV Shelter

Need a larger door for your RV or Boat? You can design a larger and taller building to accommodate a larger door. Create an RV Metal Building along with the vehicle that you either use to pull it with or tow behind, we can cover all your valuables by getting your prized vehicles out of the elements. This includes both sun and snow, they are equally damaging.

We offer our design tool online, free of charge to use when you want to check on current pricing. We don't require that you leave any of your information in order to get a price for your design. Should you want to "save" your design, then you will receive an email of your design and our office will get one as well so we can keep in your file for when you are ready to order.

Call us at 888-536-1585 (toll free)

Get started here:

Thank you, Pro Metal Buildings Family



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