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How to Properly Install Cantilever's and Overhangs on Metal-Carports and Metal-Buildings

Setting your uprights back 4'

Whether you need a 2', 3' or 4' overhang or cantilever, we can accommodate. Most folks are unsure what we call this design. It essentially sets the first set of legs back up to 4' just in case you have a turning radius issue or perhaps an uneven ground in that particular area. #metalbuildings #carports #cantilevers #moveyourupright #RVturning #steelbuildings


You would not want to hang sheet metal or a gable on the front where you have a cantilever. We can cantilever one corner or two corners on each end to accommodate a smaller base rail and more roof coverage. You have a door coming out of your garage into your carport and want to avoid that door? You can cantilever that area! No base rail to trip over.


Your building will be prefabricated before we bring it onto your site to install it. Let us know what type of custom carport or metal building job you need for your site area and we can talk it through. We might ask you for site pictures to assure we don't miss anything.

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We serve most States and our delivery and installation are free! *some exceptions apply



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