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Does Having a Metal Garage Add Value to Your Home?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Most people know that you can increase the value of your home through upgrades and renovations, but how does that work with garages? We’ve got the details.

Add Value to your home

Detached Garage, Detached Shop
Detached Garage, Detached Shop

If you’re looking to make renovations to your house, you’re probably wondering how those upgrades affect the overall value of your property. Things like updated appliances, new carpeting, roofing, and other remodeling projects are well-known methods for increasing the value of your house, but what about garages? Here’s how a metal garage can add value to your home.

Replace Carports and Other Car Storage

Older homes sometimes have a built-in carport instead of a proper garage. And when they do have a garage, it’s usually pretty small. Building a separate metal garage on your property is a fantastic way to increase your property’s garage capacity.

Add More Vehicle Storage

Even a two- or three-door garage may be too small for some households. If you own a boat, motorcycle, golf cart, or riding lawnmower, you may want to store them in a safe place like a garage. This means your other vehicles will have to compete for garage space with your cars. Building additional vehicle storage is the best win-win solution.

Increase Storage Space

If your house doesn’t have an attic, or you don’t feel comfortable accessing it on a regular basis, your garage may be the only place where you have room for holiday decorations, family heirlooms, and garage sale items. Many garages don’t offer enough space to safely park all your vehicles and still have room for sturdy shelving, so building another garage is incredibly helpful.

Choosing a Metal Garage

When you choose a metal garage, it’s important to spend time deciding what you want to store inside it. Besides vehicles, you may want to store your grill, sports equipment, hobby gear, tool bench, and lawn care equipment. Once you know what needs to go in your garage, you can plan your custom metal garage using Pro Metal Buildings’ free and intuitive 3D design tool to create the perfect garage.

To help your metal garage increase the value of your home, we recommend choosing a style and color that mimics the main design of your house. Pro Metal Buildings offers many different options for designing your dream garage. We’d love to chat with you about your storage needs!



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