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California Metal Building, Steel Building

We offer #Carports and #MetalBuildings across the nation #california. This design is specific for our #CaliforniaCustomers. Click this secure link to see how our metal buildings are designed and to make changes to meet your needs. Our measurements are from outside to outside post. This building is a 24' wide (gabled end) and 25' Long x 10' on the eaves. There are certain requirements when you are enclosing a metal building like this one when it comes to doors. For instance, if you are placing a door on an eave sidewall (the long side), we have to be 2' taller on that eave, than the height of your door. If we are placing only 1 roll up door on the gabled end, then we only need to be 1' taller than the door height. If you are placing 2 roll up doors on the same end wall, then you will need to be 2' taller on the leg height than your door(s) height.

Most of the time our free online 3D design tool will only let you do so many things so it's a good tool to building and designing your carport or metal building for your state. You can start yourself at If you need assistance, call us and let us know what you want and we will do it for you. Here is a direct secure link for this specific building. The pricing is for California but if you are another state, feel free to click the link anyway and take a look at all the information and specs on this building. If it doesn't work, copy and paste the entire link below and open it that way. #prometalbuildings

916-281-0955 or 888-536-1585


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