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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Steel RV Cover

Updated: Jan 17

Steel RV covers are the most versatile protection for RVs, plus they can last decades without needing repairs. Here’s why you should invest in a steel RV cover.

As the temperatures drop this fall, it will be time to put your RV into storage for the winter. For some people, this just means letting your RV sit out in the driveway for a quarter of the year. Here’s why you should invest in a steel RV cover instead.

Keep Moisture Out

Moisture can ruin an RV. If rain or melted snow gets inside your RV and you don’t know about it, that water will create mold and damage your RV permanently. In extreme cases, you may have to strip out carpet and furnishings to redo the interior. A steel cover will keep precipitation off your rig during storage season.

Protection From Wind

While the chances of high winds blowing your RV over are low, what you should be most concerned about is wind blowing things into the side of your RV. Things like patio furniture, bicycles, and your neighbor’s grill can all do damage when there’s nothing to stop them from hitting your RV.

Deter Pests

Any time you leave a large object outside for a long time, nature is going to try to claim it. For RVs, this looks like birds and wasps building nests on your RV’s exterior. If you don’t inspect and clean your rig prior to storage, there’s also a chance that mice, termites, ants, and other pests might use it as a vacation home during the winter months.

Keep off Pollen, Dirt, and Dust

When you leave your RV exposed to the elements, you also run the risk of small particles interfering with your rig’s systems. Dust and dirt can easily make their way into unprotected crevices, while pollen left on the exterior can damage the paint. Come springtime, you’ll have a much bigger mess to clean up before you can hit the road if you don’t protect your RV.

Steel Lasts the Longest

While there are many options for protecting your RV, only steel can last 10–20 years without needing maintenance. While it’s more expensive up front than a cloth cover or other solution, it provides the fullest coverage and will last you many seasons. You should invest in a steel RV cover to get the most protection for your money.

If you’re looking to build a steel RV cover, contact Pro Metal Buildings. We offer an easy-to-use design program that lets you choose the exact layout and dimensions of your RV cover. We’ll even ship it to you and install it for free.


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