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Designing the Perfect Three-Car Carport or Metal Shop for Your Property

3 car metal shop with doors on the eaves
3 Car Metal Building

Pro Metal Buildings offers free delivery & Installation to about 40 of the Continental United States. Whether you are on the Coast of California or the Coast of Florida, we can provide prices and immediately using our 3D design tool on our website at

3 Car Garage with doors on the gabled end
3 Car Garage

Whether you put your doors on the eave sidewall to create your 3 Car Garage or you place them on the Gabled end wall, we can work out all the details. #carports and #steelbuildings are what we do at #prometalbuildings.

3 Bay Carport with 3 sides for protection
3 Car Metal Carport

Don't want a completely enclosed #garage. We can customize your #carport and enclose a portion of your carport for easy access to your vehicles and #RV's. See the above picture with the #RV, #Hummer and #Boat. They all fit nicely in this 30' wide Carport that is 3-sided.

3 stalls or 3 vehicles
Use your 3 car garage in a barn style building

We at #prometalbuildings love how versatile our buildings are. We can customize each design to meet the perfect scenario for your use. Use our #metalbuildings for vehicles, RV's or Livestock.

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Anytime #prometalbuildings has a discount running, we will reach out to you through our mailing list. This option to sign up is on the front page of our website at the bottom of the page. We do not sell your information and we are not a pushy sales office, but we would love to inform you of any discounts that might be offered in your State. Thank you for entrusting us with that information.

Pro Metal Buildings Family


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